About our products

Majority of our slippers for men and women are made of natural leather. Our all seasons range has natural and eco leather on the insole and outer layer. We have a wide range of open and closed toe slippers for men and women in various styles and colours. Our winter range uses natural wool to keep your feet warm over the winter months. Thanks to leather outer layer, the slippers will stretch slightly ensuring the best fit. Various patterns are stitched onto the outer layer giving our slippers a stylish and modern look.

We also have a broad selection of natural leather wallets and purses. Some of the purses are made with PU leather on the outside with natural leather inside. All of our wallets have plenty of spaces for cards, notes and coins. RFID protection is offered in a wide variety of wallets and purses and when included, it is noted in the description of our products.

As for leather belts, unless otherwise stated they are made of natural leather. Size is measured from the buckle to the first available hole. All of our belts can also be easily shortened without damaging the belt by unscrewing the screw near the buckle and cutting a little bit off the belt as required. You should then make a new hole and assemble the belt once again.

If you have any more queries regarding our products please get in touch.